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 OSEQ safe sheet development


How did it all start? It did not happen overnight. OSEQ just recently celebrated its 2nd birthday. The original one-man show has now grown into a dynamic, ambitious, young company. Starting up, as it is often the case in this business, was not easy. The ability to overcome all obstacles, learn from them and do things a little better every time is a principle for our founder Tomas Dymes.

The birth of OSEQ

Tomas has more than 9 years of experience in the 3D business. He worked his way up from the bottom. From a part-time worker, through the head of a 3D printing farm, to a researcher in a classified laboratory. Over the course of his career, he's learned a lot, created a lot and destroyed a little as well. But most importantly, he realised that this field offers opportunities for rapid technological development. Once, in the middle of the night, while deeply immersed in his research, the thought for the best printing sheet flashed in his mind. That was the beginning of a journey that changed his life. He struck out on his own and OSEQ was born

First few months were the most difficult for OSEQ. Production was handled by suppliers at first, which turned out to be a dead end. So, Tomas had decided to develop and put into operation our very own manufacturing line. He rolled up his sleeves and we got to work. After four months of hard work, the first sheet with its unique finish saw the light of day. Step by step, we managed to catch problems with production consistency and minor flaws. Since then, OSEQ has faced minimal production problems. Developed technology allows us to also produce sheets with the large surface area required by bigger printers.

OSEQ sheet production

Age of chaos

The company was finally becoming more stable, but storms could still be seen on the horizon. The huge demand for new sheets, coupled with the fact that recent changes in production were gradually being implemented, caused chaos. The high demand could not be met and orders were arriving late to the customer or even worse, not arriving at all. It was a challenging period for our team. We had to demonstrate communication to our customers from whom we received understanding and support, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you

Today, we can proudly say that we have all products in stock and constantly restocking according to customer demand. Supplies have also been stabilised, so now we can ship printing sheets to the entire world. 

OSEQ sheet innovation

Age of innovation

The SAFE element is a perfect example of our philosophy and love for innovation. It is an indicator stripe on the surface of our sheets which turns red when heated. That increases the comfort of using 3D printers, but also ensures a safe environment even with children around. And that is why our sheets are ideal not only for homes, but also for schools. We want the SAFE element to become standard on all our products. We plan to continue to experiment with it and develop it, for example in a special edition with a logo for the VORON community.

When developing our products and new surfaces, we always place an emphasis on adhesion. To easily address this adhesion (feature) to our fans we named our sheets after reptiles such as CHAMELEON, IGUANA and VARAN. 

Currently, we are expanding our range of print sheets for other types of 3D printers, like the Bambu Lab X1 and A1 mini and we are soon about to release sheets for round printers. Listening to our customers, we recently created a heavy-duty low cost line of our sheets, with the same printing quality and surface adhesion, but in an affordable price range. We are always happy to collaborate with printer manufacturers and deliver white label products. 

If you would like to have your own product line, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our big vision for upcoming years is to take the unexplored path of ecological 3D printing and open the door to recycling and the circular economy.

with love OSEQ team ❤️