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  • OSEQ SAFE SHEET - MAMBA 220x225 mm size is the best 3d print surface.
  • OSEQ SAFE SHEET - MAMBA 220x225 mm size is the best 3d print surface.
  • MAMBA 220x225 - OSEQ-  OSEQ
  • MAMBA 220x225 - OSEQ-  OSEQ
  • MAMBA 220x225 - OSEQ-  OSEQ
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MAMBA 220x225

  • Premium quality double-sided 3D printing plate 
  • Dimensions: 220x225mm 
  • Amazing adhesion - no glue needed
  • Velvety smooth premium PEI powder coated surface
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible steel sheet 
  • Smart hot surface indicator - new design
  • Easy oil visibility.
  • Attaches to magnetic beds
  • If your printer does not have a magnetic bed, check out our magnetic sticker pads
  • Fit to: CREALITY K1, Ender 3, Ender 5, System 30M, ENGINE SR, Makerbot SKETCH LARGE, UltiMaker S3, Sindoh 3DWOX 1, Velleman K8200, Zortax M200, Anycubic Kobra, Artillery Genius Pro, Hornet, AnkerMake M5C, ELEGOO Neptune 3, Neptune 4, FLASHFORGE Adventurer 4, KODAK Portrait, ZAXE X3, HADEX Geetech A10, KINGROON KP3S Pro, KLP1 CoreXY, makeblock mCreate 2,0, SUNLU Terminator 3, SOVOL , SV05, SV06, SV07 Klipper, XYZ PRINTING da Vinci 1,0, da Vinci Pro, MONOPRICE Joule, MP10 Mini, BIQU Hurakan, Print-Rite CoLiDo, Voxelab Aquila S2, S3, X2, X3, EasyThreed MARS, X9, MAYLAN MA10mini, GIANTARM Geetech Mizar Pro 
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Print surface

- Original ULTEM™ (PEI) powder coated surface, the best you can get

- Long lasting: print surface keeps its properties for years (if you take a good care of it)

- Velvet texture: bottom part of the print is flat and smooth (ideal for glued parts)

- Amazing adhesion for all standard materials including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPE, TPU, PP or PA.

- No need for a glue or an adhesion spray

- Double sided: print from both sides

- Easy oil visibility: see oil or other grease

Flexible and magnetic

- Thick spring steel: bend the sheet to remove the finished print

- Strong magnetic connection to the heatbed: if your printer has a magnetic bed, the SAFE Sheet just snaps on.

- Does not come with a magnetic pad. Our magnetic pads will be available soon

Quality from the Czech Republic

All our products are made in the Czech republic from materials sourced from the European union.

No import from Asia.

100% TOP Quality guaranteed.

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