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  • OSEQ SHEET 350x350mm - OSEQ-  OSEQ
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OSEQ sheet 350x355 mm

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  • Premium quality double-sided 3D printing sheet
  • Dimensions: 350x355 mm
  • Amazing adhesion - no glue needed
  • Velvety smooth premium PEI powder coated surface
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible steel sheet 
  • Easy oil visibility.
  • Attaches to magnetic beds
  • If your printer does not have a magnetic bed, check out our magnetic sticker pads
  • Fit to: Ender 5, VORON TRIDENT, VORON 2.4, INDUSTRY F350, SOVOL SV03
  • Double check if your build area fits this size or you can ask us, anytime.🤗💖

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