Frequently Asked Questions:

Other customers have often these questions. If you still won’t find your answers, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat.


How long it takes to send the sheet that is in stock? 📦

We send orders every business day. Since we are still a small start-up, our colleague comes every morning and pack all the orders from previous day and that morning. So don’t panic if you order after lunchtime and we won’t send you tracking link that day.  

How to clean my sheet? 🫧

It’s very easy, use IPA aka >95% Isopropyl alcohol and wipe with microfiber cloth. All necessary you will find in manual. Our colleague Bara made also a great video tutorial.

What filaments can I use? 🧵

All the filaments with the exception of polypropylene. We are working on a new sheet, that will be suitable even for polypropylene and will work better with nylon.

What’s difference in between OSEQ SHEET and OSEQ SAFE SHEET? ↔️

Difference is the safe element that reacts to increasing temperature otherwise is the surface of both types identical.

How do I detach the print with this strong adhesion? 🎇

That is easy, only wait for your sheet with the print to cool down and then bend the sheet. Print will detach. Video tutorial from our colleague Bara here.

Size of the sheet, will that sheet fit to my printer? 📏

You can find what sheets is suitable with particular printer in the description of every single product. Each product also contains a technical drawing so you can compare the dimension with your printer. But if you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to ask us.